Rates 2021 & 2022

Rates below are for 7 nights starting and ending at noon.

2 people per week: $31,000  ($15,500/person/week)

3 people per week: $32,000  ($10,666/person/week) 

4 people per week: $33,000  ($8,250/person/week)

5 people per week: $34,000  ($6,800/person/week)

6 people per week: $35,000  ($5,833/person/week)

7 people per week: $36,000   ($5,143/person/week)

8 people per week: $37,000  ($4,625/person/week)




What's Included

  • All gourmet meals on board… You will receive a CHARTER INFORMATION/PREFERENCE SHEET to outline your personal preferences for both food and drinks.
  • Bar:  Standard brands of liquor and international wines.
  • Fuel:  For 20 hours of running time (normal running time is less than 15 hours to circumnavigate the islands).
  • Water-sports:  Snorkeling, SUP (stand-up paddle boarding), water-skiing, tubing, kneeboarding, and kayaking.
  • Government taxes:  $45.00 per cruise + $4.00 per person/per day.
Foxy's Beach Bar

What is Not Included

  • Any food or liquor consumed on shore and shore excursions including taxis.
  • Champagne and vintage wines (they will be aboard at cost upon request).
  • Gratuity (usually 10-20% of charter fee) As in the hospitality industry, gratuities are greatly appreciated and are split between the 2 crew members.
Bow of Ultra

Short Term Charters & Holidays

A 15% sur-charge is added for any major holiday week.

For more than 7 nights: divide price by 7 and multiply by the number of nights.
For less than 7 nights:  divide price by 7 and multiply by the number of nights,  add 10% surcharge for less than 5 nights (3 nights minimum).

How Do I Book this Vacation?

Rates are current as of date above and are subject to change. View a sample


and reserve your charter aboard Ultra.

If you are considering trip this vacation, we highly reccomend trip insurance.

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